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When a journey begins...

As a child, like so many, I was drawn to westerns, medieval knight stories, and historical journies in time. The era of chivalry growing up in the '80s was still in high regard. However, today it seems as if it's a dying cause and way of life.

During these early days, I would dream of knowing where my family originated while hoping to be part of a noble bloodline. Growing up far away from uncles, aunts, and cousins, I believe, led to this draw to know more. We always knew our family name is a big part of the North East, especially in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland areas. Yet we just didn't how far it went back and from where. We grew believing the Carbaughs, along with our mother's side, was based in German, Irish, and perhaps Scottish descent. We also heard rumors that could go back to the Irish census fire of 1922 but never had concrete evidence. Since our early history in the United States, well before this, all seemed lost.

So the question becomes, where do rumor and fact collide into a real history of the Carbaugh line?

A tale between two coats of arms

My story of the search continues as I get older. I start trying to find out information in libraries and wherever I can in the days before the internet. Growing up in South Florida, I realized very fast that the Carbaugh line isn't easy to come by. I grew up in many different cities in Florida, and each new place I went, I would look for other Carbaughs in the local phone book. A little weird, I many times came across one Carbaugh in many places I have lived, but never tried to reach out.

In 1992, I enlisted in the United States Marines, yet a new thread would soon begin to unravel. After basic training, I went to advanced training before my schooling for my Military career. During a moment during night maneuvers, we had a little downtime. I see this Marine who looked very similar to my uncle Paul who passed away a few years before. Where it gets interesting is his name on his uniform... Karbaugh, and then as we begin to talk more, we find out both our first names were Eric. He was from the Waynesboro, PA, area.

A few years later, I was at the base PX when I came across one of these tchotchke "Family Crest" stand. I figured it was a gimmick, and if anything were there, it would not be for real. Why not give it a try, and so I did. I was a little shocked to find there was one, but even more so the history came along with it. It didn't line up with anything that I knew at all. I ended up buying this coat of arms just purely for its novelty, mostly because it scratched an itch that I had for so many years.

I soon find out my oldest brother also found one in a mall around the time, and not by surprise, it was completely different. One Family Crest originates in France while the in Whales. The question remains which one to believe? I chose not to believe either, as I still think they are gimmicks.

Carbaugh origin in Wales
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The Welsh and English surname Carbaugh is of nickname origin, belonging to that category of the surname derived from personal attributes or physical characteristics associated with the original bearer of the name. In this instance, the second element of the surname Carbaugh can be traced to the Welsh word "bach, baugh" meaning "small, little" while the first element is derived from the Celtic root "car" meaning "love," liking." Thus the surname was applied as a term of endearment to a favorite child in the family and came to be used over time as a byname and later as an independent surname. Nicknames were an extremely common form of identity in the Middle Ages, some being complimentary, while others were derogatory or derisive. However, they were all characteristic of the humor and acute realism of people at that.

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As seen on

Carbaugh origin in France
The name Carbaugh was first seen in France in the area called Gascogne. It was a name for a person with dark hair or a dark complexion. Looking back further, we find Carbaugh's name was originally derived from the Latin word "carbonis," which means charcoal.

Migration from France to New France or Quebec, as it was now more popularly called, continued from France until it fell in 1759. By 1675, there were 7000 French in Quebec. By the same year, the Acadian presence in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island had reached 500. In the treaty of Utrecht, the Acadians were ceded by France to Britain in 1713. In 1755, 10,000 French Acadians refused to take an oath of allegiance to England and were deported. They found refuge in Louisiana. In 1793, the remaining French in these provinces came under British rule.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, the French race flourished, founding in Lower Canada, one of the two great solitudes which became Canada. Many of this distinguished family name Carbaugh were prominent in social, cultural, religious, and political affairs in France and New France. Amongst the settlers in North America with this distinguished name Carbaugh were

Can't leave well enough alone

As a branding professional by trade and being a graphic and web artist, I decided to take the task upon myself to create the holy grail of Family crests and coat of arms. Although by no means is this a sanctioned or official family crest or coat of arms. It is solely an artistic expression of what could be if it were real.

The task first started by doing as much research as possible into the history of crests and coat of arms through history. I thought about my military record and the fact that we believe we had family fighting both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. We do have record on my mother's side of fighting for America in the Revolutionary War. With many in the Carbaugh line with the military, firefighters, and police officers in the family history, I knew that strength would be part of the seal. Likewise, with so many Christian-based believers to ministers, I also decided to include many of these symbols as a base for this crest.

After quite a bit of research, my quest started to create the best "Family Coat of Arms" that I could. The colors and symbolism were in the design of this seal would be fundamental.

Details of symbolism chosen

Eagles symbolize power and nobility
The eagle was a symbol born by men of action, occupied with high and weighty affairs. It was given to those of lofty spirit, ingenuity, speed incomprehension, and discrimination in matters of ambiguity.

The wings signify protection, and the gripping talons symbolize ruin to evildoers. The eagle is held to represent a noble nature from its strength and aristocratic appearance and its association with the ancient kings of Persia, Babylon, and the Roman legions, having been the official ensign of those empires.

As a Christian symbol, the eagle represents salvation, redemption and resurrection.

Lions symbolizes bravery
The lion has always held a high place in heraldry as the emblem of deathless courage, and, hence, that of a valiant warrior.

It is said to be a lively image of a good soldier, who must be ‘valiant in courage, strong of body, politic in council and a foe to fear.’

When combined the eagle and lion become a Griffin

In heraldry, the griffin's amalgamation of lion and eagle gains courage and boldness, and it is always drawn to powerful, fierce monsters. It is used to denote strength and military courage, and leadership. Although typically a griffin has the rear body of a lion, an eagle's head with erect ears, a feathered breast, and the forelegs of an eagle, including claws, I chose to do something slightly different. Using the head of a lion and the body of an eagle. For me, this symbolizes bravery, strength, intelligence, and adapting.

Stags symbolizes wisdom and long life.
Choosing a combination of a horse and stag was determined after researching more into each.

Horses are considered very spirited, powerful, and beautiful animals. They were thought of like brave warriors: highly skilled fighters who loved victory and were miserable when conquered. The horse signifies readiness to act for one's country. In heraldry, it is also a symbol of speed, intellect, and virility.

The stag or hart is also an emblem of purity and fleetness. Antlers represent strength and fortitude.

The star symbolizes honour, achievement and hope in heraldry.

In some cases, a star may represent a falling star and denote a divine quality bestowed from above, whereby men' shine in virtue like bright stars on the earth'.

Shells symbolize taking a journey or pilgrimage.

The escallop was introduced into the armory to signify a soldier who had to make long journeys or voyages to far countries, borne considerable naval command, or gained great victories. It is an emblem of safe travel and is found on many families' shields during the time of the crusades. Once separated, its shells can never be rejoined; the escallop is also an emblem of fidelity.


A conjoining is coming

I have found that years after obtaining both and this, there seems to be a conjoining happening. I tend to believe it is partly due to DNA testing from many websites and service companies today. Marketing is keen to help foster or trigger an action such as this.

Nonetheless, I know that it is feeding unanswered questions amongst so many of us in the Carbaugh line, whether we realize it or not. So I say thank you to the others out there doing the same. I recently came across two of these and want to give them their due. and which seems to be part of